Italian Art Adventure

The exquisite beauty of Umbria’s white and rose marble buildings have inspired masters from Raphael to Delacroix, and amateur artists from the 1700s to the present day.

All artists take liberties, and this was painted when the rules of perspective were not yet understood. Althoug fanciful, many of the buildings in these works are recognizable. Can you find them?
Mars Gate.jpg
 Transfer of the Body of San Herculanus
by  Benedetto Bonfigli
S. Pietro tower det.jpg
Rafaelo tamed.jpg
 Saint Jerome with a view of Perugia by Raphael,  det.
North sharp cropped_edited.png
Umbria 2019.jpg
Perugia, Santa Maria Nuova by Delacroix
View of Perugia by Edwin Austin Abby
Notice the way this artist changed the dimensions of the buildings to suit his purpose, even though he worked in a realistic style
A Street,  Perugia by Fredric Crowninshield
You can stand on the same spot that inspired other artists and interpret them in your own way.
porta-sole-giardino-alberi crop.jpg
Edwin Austin Abbey 1911.jpg
William Wiehe Collins 1911.jpg
View of Perugia by William Wiehe Collins 
This exact view can't be seen today, perhaps because taller trees and buildings block part of the vista. The artist may have woven several well known landmarks into one painting and captured the vertical nature of Perugia. 
Acuad. viewbrite.jpg
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