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Bob and Cindy Davis

   Hello! I’m Cindy Davis. My husband Bob and I have spent years living in Umbria and we are eager to show you our favorite spots in this beautiful region of Italy. Bob is a retired professor of Italian history and his research studies required long sojourns in Venice, Rome, and Perugia. I was happy to go with him, and loved to sketch, cook and live in Italy.

    I wanted to share my experience with other artists and decided to host painting trips. This will be my fourth time bringing artists to Italy. Every group has been a delight, it seems that getting to know people is easy in such a beautiful setting. I am always thrilled to see others find inspiration in the ancient stonework and graceful natural land. 

    Hi there! I’m Bob Davis. Now that I’m retired, I want to join Cindy on these trips. I’m not an artist, but I have learned a lot about Italian history and culture. I am most interested in popular culture: what average people were up to. After thirty years of research and teaching, I’ve gotten to know a lot about Renaissance men and women -- those who lived in the towns and villages where we will be spending our time.

    You can come to my evening conversations about Italian life and art, which will be held, complete with slide shows, in one of the ancient meeting rooms at Hotel Monteripido.  Or you can chat with me about what we're seeing while we stroll through this storied landscape.

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